Law firm - Magnusson
The main area of expertise of Magnusson law firm is providing legal services for various entrepreneurs, diverse companies as well as public institutions. The offices and branches of the firm can be found in 10 countries of Baltic Sea Region (BSR), e.g. Poland, Belarus, Russia, Sweden, Denmark and others.
Bielańska 12, 00-085 Warszawa, Mazowieckie
222 57 83 00
Centrifuge Basket - Http://
Mechanical separation of solid particles from liquids demands the use of wedge wire drum screens. Progress Eco S.A. is a company, which specializes in solutions from that professional area. So if you are looking for reliable, solid and modern wedge wire drum screen and centrifuge basket, visit Progress Eco S.A. website now!
Progress Eco
Dobrów 7, 28-142 Tuczępy, Świętochrzyskie
158 64 62 70
Innovative solutions for power sector
A complete range of energy distribution solutions and accessories designed by experienced company. ZPUE is one of the leading switchgear manufacturers, offering low and medium voltage switchboards, container transformer stations as well as overhead lines stations. They are used by transport, mining, building and other industries.
Jędrzejowska 79c, 29-100 Włoszczowa, świętokrzyskie
413 88 10 00
Chocolate cups
For your next dessert use the most amazing decorations, offered by Barbara Luijckx. The chocolate cups and cones are tasty, beautiful and give you amazing creative possibilities. Pick dark, white or milk mini mignons, truffle shells and other shapes and prepare another amazing cake or dessert according to your vision.
Barbara Luijckx sp. z o. o.
Latkowo 40, 88-100 Inowrocław, kujawsko-pomorskie
523 58 07 00
Baby bedding sets
Choose the online store's offer, save your money and pick from a number of different baby bedding sets. Made from soft and colourful materials, they will surely fit in with every room and every parent's (and children's) needs. You do not have to buy each item separately - visit the store and get your drapes, sheets, duvets, cases and more.
Baby Accessories UK
Poznańska 82, 76-200 Słupsk, pomorskie
889 32 09 05
Law firm Poland
Capital markets, real estate, competition and commercial, advertising regulations as well as administrative proceedings. Bąkowski law firm from Poland assists in all these cases and more. They can advise you during transactions, establishing new businesses and restructuring existing ones. The details of their legal assistance can be found on the website.
Bąkowski Kancelaria Radcowska
Czarnieckiego 86/88 lok. 4, 01-541 Warszawa, mazowieckie
226 33 67 66
Precision scales
With standard, advanced and professional balances from Radwag every weighing, conducted during your work or research, can be done fast and accurate. The precision scales, you can find in the company offer, were designed in order to guarantee the highest reliability of measurements and at the same time simple operation. Check the details!
19599 NE 10th Ave., 33179 North Miami Beach,
13 056 51 35 22
Tegre - Fitted Wardrobes
Visit the website to check full range of the available solutions for your bedroom. Tegre is an expert when it comes to fitted wardrobes. They will make your space more practical, tidier and simply elegant. Make an appointment online to start transforming your living space. The company assistants will help you make the most of the available solutions.
Shoes - Jordan
From one of the best-known brands in the industry for professional players and the most enthusiastic NBA fans - Jordan shoes provide the best comfort and stability for your ankles, as well as knees during the game. Basketmania has prepared as well casual sneakers in a wide choice of colours, styles etc.
ul. Hallera 15, 83-200 Starogard Gdański, Pomorskie
501 94 41 43
Personalised phone cases
Be different, be original and be yourself! Express your individuality in every detail - create your own phone case. Use the images you love or create an image yourself. The website allows you to simply design, rotate or change the size of the picture you have chosen. It is simple, fast and affordable!
Experience and quality of castings have become over the years a trademark of Pioma-Odlewnia. The steel foundry from Poland is a part of one of the largest group of industrial companies, all aiming at becoming the leader on European and worldwide markets. Wide range of products (several kgs to 5 t) and vast production capabilities let the company satisfy expectations of virtually every partner.
Pioma-Odlewnia Sp. z o.o.
Romana Dmowskiego 38, 97-300 Piotrków Trybunalski, Łódź Voivodeship
446 48 95 78
Polish plastic bag manufacturing
Choose environmentally friendly, yet quality and available in a wide range of versions, products. Frogut specialises in plastic bag manufacturing. On the basis of years of experience, the Polish company was able to prepare diversified offer of these highly popular solutions, which can also serve as an advertising medium.
Drużynowa 8, 02-590 Warszawa, mazowieckie
225 41 70 00
Restaurant wroclaw
Unique atmosphere in the hear of beautiful Wroclaw will surely amaze you too. Novocaina restaurant is a place where you can organize your private or business party or meeting. The interiors are tasteful, original and provide you with unique comfort. However, the most important is the cuisine - one of the best, Italian recipes!
Restauracja Novocaina
Rynek 13, 50-101 Wrocław, dolnośląskie
661 97 03 03
Z vibe oral motor
Individual tips or complete kits and sets will let you address a number of issues during the speech therapy. In PJ Therapeutic online shop you can find Z-Vibe oral motor accessories, including hard and soft, tongue, preefer, animal and a number of other tips. They make it possible to stimulate the exact area which needs attention.
PJ Therapeutic
Chodkiewicza 5, 43-600 Jaworzno, śląskie
797 17 19 89
House extensions Ireland
Check the Galway's builders offer and choose which option is the best for you. To get more living space inside your home you can invest in house extensions conducted quickly and with the use of the best materials and technology. At the same time U-Value tries to minimise your costs, thus you have a chance to finish the work cheaply and at great quality.
Efficient, reliability and durability offered by the company machinery has been employed by a wider group of domestic and international clients. Spomasz offers, amongst other devices, decanting centrifuges applied for instance by dewatering stations, oil mining, gas engineering, fish processing and numerous others.
Spomasz Wronki Grupa SFPI Sp. z o.o.
Powstańców Wlkp. 23, 64-510 Wronki, Wielkopolska
672 54 05 61
Popular fun during every fair and more and more often hired for children birthday, bungee trampolines mean a ton of fun at low costs. Eurojumper is one of the leader on the market offering 1 to 4 person solutions along with all the equipment and accessories required (including lighting). They are suitable for adults as well!
Eurojumper S.C.
Wroclawska 20, 55-095 Januszkowice, dolnośląskie
609 65 58 95 : Advertising signs
Successful promotional campaign should include both new and proven methods of raising your brand awareness. WARMAX offers a variety of advertising signs, adjusted to your company's individual requirements. They can be manufactured with the use of diverse materials, have different dimensions and colours.
Uxendon hill 66, HA9 9SL London, Greater London
7 920 09 44 58 Pressure vessel tank
The most difficult industrial conditions require the most advanced, durable and efficient solutions. Niwa has 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing a pressure vessel tank of different characteristics. Amongst others, the offer includes oil coolers, filters, hydrophores, containers for storing water, gas and other media and many more!
Przedsiębiorstwo Usługowo-Produkcyjno-Handlowe NIWA J.J. Niwa Spółka Jawna
Robotnicza 38, 39-100 Ropczyce, podkarpackie
172 21 84 23
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